All That You Need To About Coupons And Promo Codes

All That You Need To Know About Coupons And Promo Codes

The use of coupon codes has gained popularity because most people have come to the realization that it is an amazing method of commissioning their affiliates to transparent marketing. When using this method, all your affiliates can send your customers directly to your site without necessarily using an affiliate link or customer ID once they access you.

Actually, these promo and coupon codes are the modified spin of the old concept. Not long ago, people used to clip paper coupons from newspapers, advertisements, and magazine. After that, they could take these coupons to the stores for various deals or discount. Nowadays, you can get the deals and even the discounts by feeding coupon codes to the online vendors. The savings have not changed that much now that the process is different from the old one.

How to use coupon codes

How to use coupon codesOn the internet, coupons and promo codes are used along with the cart price rules in order to apply for a discount once the set conditions are met. A promo code can be generated particularly for a specified group of people. For instance, it can be used for consumers who may shop items that are worth a set amount for them to qualify for these deals and discounts. Most people are embracing the use of coupon and promo codes since they act as an effective tool for attracting previous and new customers.


As much as they are a great tool for attracting new and repeat customers, you must take caution to avoid burying your brand strategy. It is significant for you to ensure that the deals and discounts fit into your brand strategy and not your strategy to fit in the deals. Lowering the prices in order to attract customers can be very disastrous. Therefore, make sure the prices are maintained and the entire deal does not affect your profits. It is, therefore, advisable to maintain the prices but give more attractive deals that can attract customers.

Redeeming the codes

Every site that gives these offers has a place where you can enter coupon codes. However, they vary depending on the site. In most cases, you can enter the coupon code in the shopping cart before checking out. Others have an option of feeding the promo codes to the review order page before checking out. It is important to look out keenly for a ‘submit’ area on the homepage of a given online store before completing your purchase. And if you do not see the place where you can enter the code, it is advisable to click the FAQs option to inquire.


Validity of the codes

Validity of the codesYou can determine whether the promo codes are working or not by the feedback you get after entering the code. A linked promotion will automatically redirect you to the specific product which is in the promotion plan. If after feeding the promo code it does not redirect you, go back to the order page before accepting the transaction. Check out Udemy promo code for beautiful offers.…


How to choose a lightweight luggage

Lightweight luggage has been known by so many people who travel a lot and has been appreciated because of the various features it possesses. In most cases, light weight luggage will be very appropriate when traveling sing any particular airline. This is because you will not be charged the extra charges that the airlines ask for when they realize customers have heavy luggage.

Using a lightweight suitcase will also be convenient because you will quickly maneuver the airport quickly and easily as you rush to catch a flight. Similarly, best lightweight luggage will help you pack for more without leaving any stuff behind since they allow for more packing space and more weight. There are several lightweight luggage in the market and determining the best can be daunting. In this article, therefore, we take you through some of the ways you will use to identify an excellent lightweight luggage.

Consider the product feedback

Before you can choose any lightweight luggage, you should consider checking the review that the product hasfsccxcxc received from various customers. You may find that some complaints are recurring and in such a case that particular product should not be a consideration for you. For instance, if many customers are complaining of zippers which are breaking then you should consider such a product to be inappropriate for you. You should choose lightweight luggage that has many reviews.

Ask for recommendations

If you wish to get an excellent lightweight suitcase without much hassle, you can ask for recommendations from the people around you. for instance if you have a friend who has been traveling a lot you can ask him or her to tell you about the best lightweight luggage which he or she usually uses. Asking for recommendations will help you save time as you will not need to search for more lightweight suitcases.

Consider products with a warranty

fvbvvYou might despise this aspect when choosing lightweight luggage but it is as essential as any other factor. When buying lightweight luggage, you should check for the provision of a warranty and also on the details of the warranty. Warranty will be evidence that the product is of high quality. This is because if a manufacturer knows the products are not of quality, then he or she will not give provision of warranty.

Consider the prices

When you want to get a good lightweight luggage, you should also check on the price. You should compare various prices that are offered by various stores that are selling these suitcases. You don’t have to use all your fortunes to purchase your lightweight suitcase but instead, buy one that has prices that will fit your budget.…

the beach

Fun and Easy Water Sports You Should Try

There are a lot of benefits to living near the water, and one of the biggest ones is how easy it is to have fun. While you can always go for the classic jumping or swinging from a tree to dive in the water, there are so many more things to do. If you love swimming and water is your best friend, then you probably want to invest in some of these items that can bring joy to you and your friends.

Jet ski

water skiThere is nothing to dislike about jet skiing, especially for those who want to have fun without all the effort to learn how to do an activity. While surfing looks cool and seems like a fun thing to do, there is so much to learn and practice before you can even ride the wave. From balance to body core strength, it takes a lot. On the other hand, with a jet ski, all you need to do is know how to turn it on, go forward, and make a turn. Not to mention that it’s also possible to ride it and stay dry all the time. Though there is a possibility to fall in the water, it’s not hard to get back up and continue your activity.

What you need to have aside from the jet ski itself is a jetski lift. You don’t want to leave it out in the water forever since that can slowly damage the jet ski, and it is not possible to lift it up from the water just by bare hands.


paddle boardThis water sport is considered very calm compared to the previous one because paddleboard does not involve any sort of speed whatsoever. The first thing that you need to do is to have the board and the paddle. And then you can take both items to the water to try to get on the paddle. You can try to sit or stand up on it, whichever way you feel most comfortable with and most balanced. Once you get the hang of keeping yourself on the board, start paddling away, and that’s all.



kayakingIf you want to paddle, but you don’t want to get wet, or you need help in balancing your body, maybe kayaking is the sports for you. With a kayak, it is designed to make half of your body stay in the kayak, so all that’s left to do is for your upper body to work and make it move.


Things to look at when choosing a cleaning company

At times we need help to keep our homes, stores or offices clean. After a long search, I discovered cleaning companies. They offer their services at very affordable fees. Before hiring a cleaning company, compare a number of them in your area and ensure that you choose the one offering the best services at an affordable fee. I will give you some factors to look at before hiring a cleaning company.

Things to consider when hiring a cleaning company

Choose only registered companies

To confirm if the company is registered, contact the chamber of commerce, or ask the business to provide their registration number. To be safe and to avoid complications in future, hire a registered company.

The cleaning company must be insured

A business without a valid operating license cannot subscribe to an insurance policy. As they strive to provide the best cleaning services, one of the cleaners might be injured. It can also happen that they damage valuables in your house. If the company has comprehensive insurance covers, any form of damage or injury will be covered.

Research about the company

Visit their websites and read some of their reviews. Do not only rely on the reviews on their websites but also try reading reviews from different sources. It is what people say about a company outside their website that determines their reputation. You can as well call them and ask for referrals. Give the references a call and ask more about their services.

How are their employees hired and trained?

The best companies train their employees extensively and award certificates. The point here is, your office or house should be cleaned by a team of cleaners with at least one professional and experienced cleaner. Ask from the company if they conduct background checks for their employees, you cannot risk thieves in your house.

How much do they charge for their services?

Companies have different price ranges. Prices vary with the services provided as well. The company will often ask you for details about your office or house so that they can estimate the amount they are going to charge you. Go through your options and choose a company that meets your budget and needs. Some businesses charge expensive because they have done comprehensive training to their employees and they offer better services. If you can afford such expensive companies, do not hesitate to hire them.…

Reasons why you should adopt a pet

Are you thinking of owning a pet, let’s say a dog or a cat? Have you been in search of the best pet store in your area? Look here, did you know that you can adopt a pet? Yes, you can. When you think of it, you better adopt a pet than spending money to buy one. You will save money, exciting, right? Apart from saving you money, adopting a pet comes with other advantages. Let us look at them.

Advantages of adopting a pet

  • As highlighted above, adopting a pet will cost less than buying one. You will, therefore, save the extra cash and use it to take care of other needs.
  • You might be lucky to adopt a pet earlier trained. If it can respond to basic commands like sit, go, etc., you will have less trouble training them from zero.
  • Adopted pets are well behaved and healthy. This is because the person who is giving it out for adoption has been taking care of it and is not out to make profits. Pets reared for sale purposes might be sick and troubled, because the seller does not want to spend on their treatment.
  • There is a wider variety to choose from. Remember it’s different people giving out the pets. Hence you will be able to get a variety of color, breed, age, and size to choose from.
  • The pets are already vaccinated. Mostly, older animals are given out for adoption. This is to mean that they already received all the necessary vaccinations. You will therefore not suffer the stress of vaccinating the adopted pet.
  • You will be providing shelter to a homeless pet. Acts of compassion right? When you pick that pet, another homeless pet will be taken in, in place of the adopted one. The circle goes on, and no pet will be suffering in the cold.
  • Self-satisfaction- The thought of adopting a pet gives you the feeling that you saved an animals life. Every day you see the pet happy will be a constant source of joy to you. Owning a pet has also been proven to be emotionally and psychologically beneficial to the owner.
  • On adoption, you will be informed on the dos and don’ts. This way, you will have an idea of what your pet loves and what makes it mad. With such knowledge, a better relationship is expected. You can now brag to your friends that you own a pet.


RISE: Research Initiative on Social Entrepreneurship

Welcome to RISE:
The Research Initiative on Social Entrepreneurship

Launched in early 2002, The Research Initiative on Social Entrepreneurship (RISE) is a research project at Columbia Business School whose mission is to study and disseminate knowledge about the markets, metrics and management of for-profit and nonprofit social enterprise and social venturing.

RISE is jointly sponsored and supported within Columbia Business School by the Social Enterprise Program and the Eugene M. Lang Center for Social Entrepreneurship. In addition, RISE is supported by foundations, investment funds, and individual contributions.


The RISE Double Bottom Line Investor Directory is now online and available. Search for social venture funders in the US that make equity investments in social ventures in the US and abroad.…