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Columbia Business School Profiles

In 2006, as part of Columbia Business School’s MBA elective course on Social Entrepreneurship, students completed projects where they “shadowed” leading social entrepreneurs and social investors for a semester. Students and entrepreneurs spoke weekly about a set of key decisions entrepreneurs were facing and at the end of the term, evaluated lessons that could be drawn for other social entrepreneurs.


Below are the participating social entrepreneurs._ Click on each to access brief profiles about them and the decisions they faced.


Laurel Brandstetter, Mad Imports

Michael Barth, uPublic

Ron Gonen, RecycleBank

Jay Friedlander, O’Naturals

Caroline Gonzalez, World Around Toys

Richard Kahan, Urban Assembly

Edward Mannix, OneEarth Mortgage

Ben Powell, Agora Partnerships

Joel Selanikio, DataDyne Group

Noah Waibsnaider, Peeled Snacks

Julius Walls, Jr., Greyston Bakery